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About our Event

Immersion AR/VR Film Festival & Conference

India’s first platform for immersive technology

Immersion has been conceived to be India’s most impactful platform for VR and Immersive Technology. With the help of like-minded partners and leading brands, it intends to be one of Asia’s most credible forums for the VR ecosystem. With a three-pronged approach – immersing consumers, facilitating and inspiring enterprise and showcasing tomorrow, this is intended to be a calendar IP in India, creating real value through visibility, content & engagement for our partners. Immersion promises to bring together 3 key chapters and stakeholders that we believe define the immersive technology (VR, AR, and MR) ecosystem. This includes the consumers and content, the changemaker – futurists and leading voices in the world of immersive tech who will address the participants and the Rainmaker Marketplace that brings exciting start-ups in the space in connect with venture fund players in an interesting format.

Our Team

VR StoryTellers (www.vrstorytellers.in) is the Team behind India’s 1st Stereoscopic 360/VR Horror Short Film-CRACKLE.

NYUCT Design Labs(www.nyuct.com) is a Venture Design firm. It is a multi-discipline collective, a “think and do tank” that builds ventures, brands, innovations, destinations and IPs.

Immersion VR Thinkfest has been imagined and conceived by VR Storytellers and NYUCT Design Labs to be India’s most impactful and credible platform in the field of AR/VR & Immersive Technology and one of Asia’s most powerful AR/VR forums.

The two entities have come together to form Immerge Knowledge Labs, a company devoted to building knowledge / thought capital and designing and creating IPs and forums for immersive technology. It endeavours to build these IPs, forums and platforms for policy advocacy, enterprise and investor advocacy, consumer experience of emergent technology.







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