Nathan Gaydhani

Head of Immersive Services, SystemActive Digital-Immersive Technology Business Consultant

Nathan is head of professional services for an IT solutions company in the UK. This new division of the company has been set up to help businesses navigate the increasingly complex field of immersive and real-time visualization and understand how they can leverage it to transform their operations. Clients range from many industries including architecture, construction, engineering and manufacturing to automotive, marine and aerospace to education, healthcare, retail, and entertainment.

Nathan has been a full-time VR researcher since 2015 and tested hundreds of immersive and spatial technology solutions as well as speaking with hundreds of tech companies about their products.

Nathan is Anglo-Indian with a strong interest in philosophy and the role immersive technologies can play in helping people to better understand each other and the world around them.  Nathan has a degree from the University of Westminster in Photographic and Digital Imaging Science. He is married with 4 children.